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U.S. star Frank Marino is a drag queen based in Las Vegas, also known as “Ms. Las Vegas.”

He is currently starring in ITV’s Last Laugh In Vegas, which sees a host of British showbiz legends prepare to perform a variety show Vegas. Here’s the lowdown on the show producer…

Who is Frank Marino?

Frank Marino was born in 1963 in Brooklyn, New York.

He was adopted at birth and raised by his godparents when his mum died when he was just six years old and his dad died three years later.

He’s been a female impersonator for over 30 years and earned the alter-ego “Ms. Las Vegas” for his longtime role as Joan Rivers in his show, Frank Marino’s Divas Las Vegas.

He’s so famous for his role, he’s received two Las Vegas Walk of Fame stars and had a street named after him.

How did his career start?

Frank had planned to become a doctor, but during college he worked at a pharmacy with a make-up counter.

He said: “I was very interested in it and I don’t know why.

“I became very good with makeup, and I was selling that makeup out the door to the women. It was unbelievable.”

He first dressed in drag one Halloween.

He recalled: “So Halloween came by and I went out in drag, dressed like Diana Ross, and I won the Halloween contest.”

This led to him getting paid appearances, before he decided to impersonate Joan Rivers.

He even met the late star backstage during a trip to Atlantic City to see her perform.

The producer of a show called “An Evening at La Cage” was there and offered him a role as Joan Rivers in one of its productions.

The show moved to the Riviera in 1985 and Frank has been there ever since.

He now co-produces Divas Las Vegas with his partner, Alex Schechter.

What is Frank Marino’s role in Last Laugh in Vegas?

Frank is currently on our screens in ITV’s Last Laugh in Vegas, where he’s guiding a group of British showbiz veterans as they prepare for a variety show in Sin City.

The cast includes, Cannon & Ball (comedy double act), Bernie Clifton (entertainer), Mick Miller (comedian), Bobby Crush (pianist and entertainer), Kenny Lynch (singer), Jess Conrad OBE (60s pop idol), Anita Harris (actress and singer) and Su Pollard(singer and comedian.)

Frank is helping the stars rehearse for the spectacular show as they explore Las Vegas.