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A tour manager of an all-male revue has revealed how his globetrotting lifestyle has continuously drawn him towards life-threatening events. 

Nathan Claridge, 32, travelled across the globe in 2017 as the MC of long-standing Australian strip show Thunder from Down Under.

He revealed how the tour saw him in Las Vegas during the October massacre, Macau a day after a deadly hurricane and Guam as Kim Jong-un threatened nuclear testing, Gold Coast Bulletin reported. 

‘We started calling ourselves The Expendables,’ he told the publication. 

‘We were like “Don’t worry guys, we’ll go, we’ll risk ourselves, the show must go on”.’ 

Mr Claridge said he immediately received a call form tour promoter Billy Cross when news broke of 58 people being shot dead at the Route 91 music festival on October 1. 

Mr Cross checked in to see if his star performers were okay after Stephen Paddock opened fire on the festival from a room inside the Mandalay Bay hotel.

But the tour means Mr Claridge never stays in one place for a long time, and he went on to visit places such as Hawaii, South Africa and Thailand last year.

He said the shows in Thailand were among the most successful, as fans returned every night and even handed him Muay Thai shorts with his name on them.

The hardest part was turning down drinks with fans after the show because of travel commitments, he told the publication. 

‘Some days you have a flight next morning at 5am. It’s “No thank you”. I’m lucky I’ve worked in hospitality a long time, I know how to deal with it pretty well,’ he said. 

Mr Claridge was back in Las Vegas this week before heading to Germany for six weeks.  

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